June 12, 2013

Yes Wild And Primitive Radio Is Off The Air

We consider it a success! However, we pulled the plug on Wild And Primitive Radio, pals. It was an experiment all along. We needed to test out a couple hosting sites for a completely different project and the one we've been using since August has run exceptionally well. But running a station ain't free, and we've gotta allocate the funds elsewhere. And to run an Internet radio station legally, costs $$. So fer the regular listeners (and there were a bunch - considering absolutely no real advertising was employed) - thanks bunches fer letting us know how much ya dug the programming. It was the best station on the net, if we do say so ourselves.

Now, if y'all think there'd be enough interest in getting WAPR back on the Internet air-waves to warrant a fundraiser in order to cover costs, we're all ears. 

So in lieu of WAPR get ye over to the RadiOblivion site for podcast POUNDERS!

January 9, 2013

Welcome To The Land Of Way Out

Here we go: the new home of Wild And Primitive Radio. As you can see the site takes a cue from it's name-sake - stripped bare with no window dressing, gala luncheon halls, pomp n' circumstance, or nothin'. This is a place for savage sounds, pally. Not fer People magazine air-brushed style poop-rock!

The most important feature is found under the banner... namely the radio player and links to listen with other programs underneath it. That's all you need. You notice the conspicuous absence of a "Now Playing" feature displaying what songs yer hearing? Don't expect that to change; you'll just get frustrated in the waiting.

Blog posts may happen at any time, or not at all. You'll just have to check back regularly if interested. But it's not important that you come to this page to listen to Wild And Primitive Radio because you can listen from all sorts of magical locations such as yer computer machine, smartphone pocket computers, tablets, phablets, and even yer television device!

Most of all Wild And Primitive Radio is radio fer the Out Crowd. So turn on all yer weirdo pals!!